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Its not too long ago when webmasters and internet marketers were able to get their sites raked high on search engines submitting few article directories, link directories, asking for link exchanges form similar sites, etc. We are now finding out that those days of easy SERP ranking is long gone and what worked like magic just only couple of years ago is hardly doing any good these days. 

Yes, directory submissions, article submission, and few other common link building methods still work to some extent but are not enough to get a site ranked on the top these days. Its even more true if the site in question is highly competitive. In this case, things are uncertain as to whether the site with a highly competitive search terms will ever rank high on Google, Yahoo, and MSN which are pretty much 3 major search engines out there that matters in terms of traffic. 

During this time of uncertainty, webmaster have been looking for new and innovative methods of link building that still outrank the competition. Yes, there are link building methods that still work more than anything else which is social media marketing.  

Social bookmarking is one method that link builders have been using recently as a link building method. There are lot of social bookmarking sites out there and if we count the Pligg based bookmarking sites, then the number would be practically thousands and thousands of site out there from where you can get possible backlinks. Basically you sign up with a social bookmarking site and submit your page with URL, title, description, and few tags or keywords. If you can find do follow sites, then you are getting backlinks that you will get credit for on any search engines. For the nofollow sites, some search engines follow the nofollow links and some don’t so there is a little bit of uncertainty as to how many will be counted.  

Most of these bookmarking sites we are talking about allow you to submit public bookmarks meaning they are visible by search engine robots. Some site has option that allows you to submit private bookmarks meaning only you can access them for your own reference. So find some good social bookmarking site list and start building some backlinks starting today. If you are not sure how to or finding it extremely time consuming to get a handful of bookmarks (and time consuming it is), then you can outsource your bookmarking and link building projects as well.

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