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At SEOFocused.com, we are a group of webmasters and expert SEO services providers who are in this game for over 1o years and know what we are doing. We are committed to provide you with top notch SEO Services ranging from content creation to link building for your site. Whether it is article writing services, article submission, directory submission, forum posting, RSS feed submission, or creating Squidoo lens, you can count on us. We have many happy and satisfied clients that come back to us for more services and we are positive that you will also call upon us on your future services needs once you try our services.

Article Writing Service

All webmasters and blog owners know the old saying which is "content is the king." Whether you run a website or a blog, you need high quality unique content for your site. Quality unique content just not make your site look credible to your site visitors, it also helps you rank well on search engines. Google has duplicate content penalty which is something every site owner should know. Our quality article writing service will help you publish unique 100% copyscape passed articles on your site. You can also use our article writing service if you are into link building and need articles to submit to article directories.

Directory Submission Service

Another way of link building is by submitting your site to online link directories. Directory submission has been a known method of link building by webmasters for years and still webmasters continue to use this method of link building as it offers backlinks from related categories in a directory. There are thousands of online link directories out of which some offer free submission and other offer paid or reciprocal link submissions. Searching for those directories, figuring out which ones offer free submission, and finally submit to directories one at a time is time consuming. Let our professional directory submission service do the work for so that you can spend your valuable time on something bigger and better.

RSS Submission

RSS is an abbreviation for really simple syndication. It is basically a way of getting your content syndicated so that RSS feed directories and RSS engines can find your RSS feed URL and get the fresh content from your site. RSS feed submit is a good SEO method as RSS feed submission helps you distribute your content across the web. More sites find your RSS feeds, more backlinks you get. RSS feed submission is getting increasingly popular among advanced level webmasters and SEO experts as they all know how search engines work these days. Let our RSS feed submission team submit your feed which will get your site ranked better.

Squidoo Lens Service

Squidoo is one of the most popular social media site out there. Best thing about Squidoo is that you get dofollow link to your sites. You write an unique article about a specific topic, setup a Squidoo page which is called a lens, and just link back to your site. Our Squidoo lens creation service can get Squidoo pages setup for you so that you can get quality relevant backlinks to your site. On the top of getting backlinks, you get some free traffic from internal Squidoo networks as well as search engines. You also have the opportunity to earn money from Squidoo lenses by setting up your affiliate code and in the form of Adsense revenue sharing. There are lot of people that are making a living out of Squidoo.

Article Submission Service

Out of many different type of link buildings, article submission is one of them. If you are a webmaster familiar with SEO, then you know that just quality content and a site will not get you anywhere unless your site is noticed by visitors or is found in SERP (search engine result pages) rankings.  Google ranks websites and blogs based on content and votes form other sites. One website votes for another by adding a link for that site on its own. With our article submission service, you can submit your articles to hundreds of article directories which will give you traffic and backlinks.

Paid Forum Posting

If you are a new forum owner, then you know that getting a brand new forum promoted isn’t an easy job to do. There are practically thousands of community forums out there under various different niches. Not only you will need to compete with all the other forums in your niche that are already established, you will also face the challenge of keeping victors on your site since it is an empty forum without any members or activities. Our paid forum posting service can help you jumpstart your forum by adding new members to your forums and creating new threads and posting replies on existing threads. We can post in a forum of your choice on almost any niche.

Social Bookmarking Service

By now, pretty much every site and blog owners know that social bookmarking can not only provide backlinks to their sites, it also can generate some traffic. Internet is a rapidly changing platform and new ideas are being introduced on a regular basis. One of the newest introductions to web community is social bookmarking. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your site. These online bookmarking sites are public and can be viewed by others which mean search engines can view them also and follow the link back to your site.  You can use our social bookmarking service to build backlinks to your site.

SEO Blog

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google and Yahoo among others have algorithm in place that they use to rank a site for certain keywords. If you search for your targeted keywords, you will see there are hundreds of thousands and often millions of sites that are coming up as search results. Competing with all those sites for your keywords and coming up on the top is not an easy job to do. SEO or search engine optimization is a method of optimizing your site for search engines so that search engines find your site in your favor for a given keyword and rank it high. Our SEO Blog can help you learn those SEO tricks so that you can be armed with the SEO knowledge.